BPD Awareness

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a very difficult disorder that can be mistaken for other disorders before officially being diagnosed. It’s like your on a constant roller-coaster inside a cloud…you can’t think clearly because the clouds keep blocking the way and you can’t seem to have the right decision. It feels like the whole world is out to get you because you feel so alone.

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It is the worst feeling to have especially if you have other mental disorder/illness with BPD. You can’t seem to understand your symptoms or what is causing your symptoms so you are constantly twisting and turning in a cloud.

I know because I had BPD and thanks to DBT program, now I am free. I can see clearly, understand all the choices I have made in my life and why. I can make rational decisions and can finally keep healthy relationships. It was a lot of work, but I had to do it because I know that nothing can help me, if I don’t help myself first.

I know that BPD awareness month is in May, but I feel like it should be in every month. I created some BPD inspirational digital wall art using quotes from Marsha Linehan who created the DBT program. Thanks to her, many people who put their heart into completing the DBT program including myself are now free. I am living proof. So I created BPD inspirational wall art printable posted on my Etsy Shop. Inspire yourself, friends, family member, or clients who is struggling with BPD or spread BPD awareness.

I am currently working on creating some digitals for DBT program, hoping to attract more people to DBT program who need it. DBT is available in mental health clinics and community. Contact your case manager, doctor, or therapist to gain more information about DBT program and change your life. You take control if you want to change!