12-Month Mental Health Tracker and Monthly Review

This 12-Month mental health tracker and Monthly Review contains 24 pages, 2 pages for each month; First page is tracking symptoms of Physical and Emotional listed, and the second page are review questions for that month’s progress.
You’re probably wondering why it’s named “Mind Health” instead of “Mental Health”, that’s because there is still Mental Health stigma out there and so “Mind health” seems less eye-catching words. This way you can take it anywhere you go and not worry about privacy.
The First Page of each month is Mental Health Tracker that you can use daily. The tracker provides both Physical and Emotional symptoms lists that you can track daily in each month.

Below is the list of what’s in each Tracker:

• Hours of Sleep
• Sleep Quality 1 Bad 5 Good
• Headache
• Tired
• Overeating
• No Appetite
• Upset Stomach, Nausea, Diarrhea
• Hypersensitivity to Sound and Light
• Hot flashes
• Sweating or Sweaty palms
• Increased pulse or Heart rate
• Tears / Crying
• Yelling
• Breaking things

• Irritable
• Stressed
• Emotional
• Anxiety
• Angry
• Sad
• Scared
• Shame
• Worthless
• Self-Isolation
• Hopeless
• Not Motivated
• Self-harm Thoughts
• Suicide Thoughts

The Second page of each month are questions that are used to review end of the month’s progress. It helps you think about symptoms and how they relate to triggers. They can help you understand your triggers and plan to cope with these triggers. The last question promotes positive thoughts for that month.

Here is the list of questions that are in each month’s Review:

• What were my most common physical symptoms this month? What triggered them?
• What were my most common Emotional symptoms this month? What triggered them?
• Were these triggers worth my mental health? What could have I done differently to cope with these triggers in a healthy way?
• What am I grateful for this month? What makes me happy?