The scientist are finally starting to understand mental illness and many treatments are still being introduced. However, society still holds this stigma against mentally ill people.  A person cannot understand mental illness unless they have it. People who know or work with someone who has mental illness, still do not truly understand what it’s like to have a mental illness. A person with mental illness is not only fighting their illness, but also fighting the society. The society is pushing them down by its stigma of mental illness.

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Mental illness is not just something you were born with, it’s not just genetic. Mental illness can be caused by environment and traumas. Many people who have been injured in sports or in car accidents develop mental illness due to the damage to the brain.  This can happen to you or to anyone you love at any time or day. You simply do not need to be born with it.

Mental illness should be taught in schools. People should be more educated about mental illnesses and how to treat someone properly with mental illness. There are many people around the world who have mental illness that are not diagnosed, because they are too embraced to see a doctor or that they might be shun by their family.

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Mental illness does not make someone weak, in fact it make them stronger.  Many people without mental illness fear us who are mentally ill. They do not understand what it’s like to have heightened sense of emotions. Emotions are so strong. You’d be surprised to know that many people around the world who helped changed history by science, discovery, or great ideas some had mental illness. Yes, we are smart and strong, so do not be afraid of mental illness but accept it.