Time to Care for Yourself

In order to function in life properly, you must first care for yourself properly. Life demands so much from our time and energy. But how can we provide time and energy if we are unable to care for ourselves first? You need to do self-care to keep going with today’s hectic schedule and demands. Self-care is important to mind and body in order to be in the present moment. 

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I spent years neglecting myself by not properly including self-care in my daily schedule. I would sometimes skip it if I don’t have the time, but that’s where I fell behind in life. That’s where I stopped being in the present moment and began to do half job in everything I did. At times, the things that I was good at doing began to fall apart and I had no control over life.

Chaos crawled in and took over everything. I had to hit rock bottom to see that I neglected myself so bad that I couldn’t recognize myself.  I wanted to take control my life again and realized that it had to start with taking care of me.

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At first, it appeared as if I was selfish. However, I kept reminding myself that it’s not selfish, I am just simply recharging myself and so I did.  Now I know that I wasn’t being selfish because of the self-care I did, I was able to accomplish so much that I couldn’t without my daily self-care. 

You are important and unique. No one can ever be like you. You don’t want to be like anyone else because that person is already taken.  Be unique, be you. Take care of yourself because life will keep going. Life will not stop for you, so you must take time to care for yourself.

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