How bad do you want to change your life?

I spent many years being treated for my mental health.  Never got anywhere even though I was consistent with my therapy appointments and took all my medications on time. I just wasn’t getting anywhere. I felt that as if the world was against me because I kept falling backwards in my life.

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I saw all my friends and family achieve so much in their lives but I did not achieve anything.  I began to think I can never accomplish anything because of my mental illness, that I was just another loser in this world.  Staying in this mindset for many years, I began to believe in everything that is negative including my thoughts towards myself. 

I finally had to hit the rock bottom to finally realize that I was the one who had to change, not life or people, but me who needs to change. I had to accept the fear of change and truly work on myself to change for a better version of myself because I was tired of the same results, nothing happening in my life besides drama and struggles.

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I began to seek for ways to change and challenged myself to change.  Finally, I understood that I had to do the work. I worked hard on myself to change all those negative behavior and thoughts. Pushed myself to change my behavior, my reaction to things, and my perspective of life. I knew that I had to undo all that I did for many years that never worked like my behavior, attitudes, emotions, and the words I say to myself. Had to change the way I talked to myself because all I wanted was positive thoughts and words in my life. I wanted to change for better, to be positive.

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Change is hard, but it’s not impossible. It really depends on how bad you want to change to change things in your life. If you want to change 50% of your life, than you put in 50% of yourself to work toward change. But if you want to change 100% of your life, you have to put in 100% of yourself to work toward change. You have to do the work, no one else can do it for you. You have to choose to change, no one else can do it for you.  It is you who has to do it, but you don’t have to do it alone.

I did not do it alone, I had help from people. I trusted them to guide me knowing that I had to do all the work. Remember that people can only help people who want to change by putting in the work themselves.  So how bad do you want to change your life?

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